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Welcome to the Einkorn Made Easy Beta Course! Here you will find individual modules to purchase, that will help you make baking with einkorn easy! This is a one of a kind video series that will take you step by step, with recipes you will not find anywhere else! Once the 10 part video series is completed, these episodes will disappear and be available only as part of one course for double the price. To get the course at 1/2 off be sure to purchase these individual episodes as they are published. Sign up below to be notified of new modules! 

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This module covers vital information you need to understand before working successfully with Einkorn. Learn about celiac vs gluten sensitivities, cavities, allergies, and even morning sickness in relation to Einkorn wheat. You will be encouraged with the role EInkorn can play in a higher quality of life. 

From a staple 2 hours sandwich bread loaf, to a stunning Partybrot to impress your guests, you don't want to miss this module! Learn how to bake sandwich loaves, dinner rolls, molasses oat bread, partybrot and hamburger/hot dog buns. 

This module contains a step by step video presentation, along with the exclusive recipes. Learn how to make chocolate buttermilk pancakes, classic yellow cake, pineapple rhubarb crisp, and Austrian pancakes, all using Einkorn flour! 

1. What is the Beta Course?

The Beta Course is the test run of the Einkorn Made Easy Course. Once finalized the Einkorn Made Easy Course will be available in one package, priced at $199. In exchange for feedback to make the best possible course and reviews/testimonials to use at launch, the Beta Course is an opportunity to receive the contents of the course at a fraction of the cost. Each of the 10 modules will be available to purchase individually. Included in each module is an instructional video and any recipes covered in that module. By purchasing all 10 modules at $10 each, it will be as if you purchased the finished course at half price. 

2. What Will Happen To The Modules I Purchased, After The Beta Course Is Over?

After all ten modules are released and the course is finalized, the Beta Course individual modules will no longer be available for purchase. However, with your Beta Course purchase, you will still have lifetime access to the modules (videos & recipes) you purchased. Details will be provided once the course is completed.

3. Why Are The Modules Released Out of Order? Did I Miss a Module?

As part of the Beta process and due to several factors, videos will be released out of order. All ten modules listed in the introductory video will be released, however not necessarily in chronological order.

4. Will I Get a Discount For The Official Course Priced at $199?

If you purchase all 10 of the beta course modules, you will receive a discount code to purchase the finalized course for FREE. 

This only applies to those that buy all 10 beta course modules. 

5. Can I Buy Just The Recipes?

Not at this time, but an Einkorn Cookbook is currently in the works. Currently, the recipes are only available in the beta course modules along with the step by step videos. 

Did you know Einkorn is the earliest form of cultivated wheat?

Its unique flavor and strong nutritional profile, along with its different gluten structure, have made it increasingly popular, especially amongst those with wheat/gluten sensitivities. However, there is still not a lot of information on how to work with einkorn, or how to adapt recipes that call for regular flour.

After years of trial and error, I have worked out methods that not only produce delicious results, but save time and money in the process. Are you interested in a video course taking you step by step along the process?

Go from doubts and wasted ingredients to producing masterpieces in the kitchen that your family will love! Sign up below and be notified of new video releases!

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